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We love what we do and it shows.

We are designers, project managers, developers and strategists who help public agencies and organizations communicate strategically, effectively, and elegantly via the web. The core web team has worked together for 12 years producing and supporting well over 100 web projects, large and small, for scores of public agencies and organizations.

Steve Kokotas,
Principal-in-Charge/Project Manager

As the director of the MIG web technology team, Steve has over 20 years of experience overseeing the development of and ongoing support for a wide range of web-based information services for government agencies. These projects include specialized database-driven web applications, highly-customized content management systems, mission critical public agency data warehouses, and interactive, online educational games, web animations and data visualizations. Steve is an innovative and strategic thinker, and a facilitative leader.

Lisa Tyler,
Lead Web Designer

Lisa brings over 15 years of experience developing websites and interactive content. She is an expert in responsive design solutions, developing beautiful, useful and accessible websites for clients. Lisa excels at working in multidisciplinary teams, guiding clients through each design phase and translating feedback from stakeholders. She is fluent in all stages of web design and delivering compelling user experiences and modern designs.

Dave Banks,
Senior Software Engineer

With 13 years of experience, Dave has a deep and broad background in software development, engineering and computational sciences. As a web application developer, he is an expert in customizing CMS solutions integrated with web-based management and visualization of large datasets.

Shannon Koy,
Content Strategist

Shannon is a strategic and creative thinker with over a decade of experience in brand management, integrated action-oriented communications, and design projects for international clientele in consumer goods and electronics, public agencies, cultural institutions and non-profit organizations. She enjoys the art and science of capturing the core beliefs and goals of clients, and creating meaningful experiences that inspire and educate.

Ray Bullard,
Web Design & Development Associate

Ray has over 15 years of experience in the web development and graphic design industry. He serves as a Deputy Project Manager for many of MIG's web design and development projects. Ray has diverse website development experience using several open source content management systems. He leads QA testing, and provides client training and support.

Paul Sumner,
Web Platform Developer

Paul is a talented software architect with over 16 years of experience. He is a full stack LAMP Internet engineering generalist with deep experience providing infrastructure and back-end database and software development. Paul's experience also includes "big data," data visualization, automation and machine learning projects.

Angela Jew,
Social Media Expert

Angela brings experience in multimedia behavior change marketing. She conducts social media campaigns using existing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and by exploring new tools as they become available. She provides analysis of campaign success by interpreting web traffic analytics and data illustration. Angela is fluent in both Chinese and Spanish.

Steve Leathers,
Web and GIS Project Associate

Steve is experienced with data collection, spatial analysis, cartography, geodatabase design and development, geographic modeling, web design and programming, and communication design. He has created GIS maps and websites for many park, recreation, open space, urban design, and environmental design plans.

Ian Goldberg,
Web Designer

Ian has a broad spectrum of experience from translating strategic concepts and research into effective and engaging visual presentations, to developing simple and beautiful designs with the end user in mind.

Steve Hansen,
Web and Database Developer

Steve is database developer with experience in traffic flow theory, transportation and land use modeling, sustainable development, and a variety of accessibility projects. He brings a breadth of data analysis and responsive design framework knowledge.

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