A Thousand Visions Planning Game

Challenge: Engage and educate stakeholders in a compelling and complicated set of trade-offs regarding future regional transportation projects.

Strategy: Create a game which allows users to build a transportation budget by weighing different funding mechanisms, then select a range of projects at various funding levels. The game requires players to balance the budget, while allowing them to help determine what the transportation system of the future should include.

Payoff: The game was publicized through news releases, Facebook, Twitter, the project website, the SRTC website and blog, flyers posted at area colleges, businesses, community centers and email lists.

Client: Spokane Regional Transportation Commission, Spokane, Oregon

product type

Dashboards + Games
  • The game allows the player to determine the taxes, the projects and the priorities

  • Pop-ups provide more information on each funding source as player chooses how to pay for transportation infrastructure

  • When budget is exceeded, the player is forced to make choices on which projects to invest in

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